Taking Nordic Snus Global: How to Effectively Market and Sell

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Taking Nordic Snus Global: How to Effectively Market and Sell

Nordic snus remains to be quite popular in Sweden, with the fastest growing market being Norway. However, its penetration into the global market has remained quite low. Through the following strategies, companies dealing in snuff products can sell products globally.

Identify the overseas Nordic snus target markets

The first step is to pinpoint the exact country or region you would want to introduce Nordic snus into. You will need to look into factors such as the region’s economy, political stability, and its culture. You also need to evaluate the product’s market risk or trade barriers to your product.

Conduct a market research

Your success or failure will largely depend on the market research you carry out before introducing your product to the market. Find out in which market segments your goods are likely to sell more, whether there are any competitors, and how you should price the products. The internet has made it easy to obtain such information. However, carrying out surveys on the ground also comes in handy.

Establish an export strategy

You will then need to know how the Nordic snus will get to the intended region. Study the region’s trade regulations and the export requirements to ensure that you comply with all laws. Make sure that you also take note of any tax laws.

Come up with a marketing strategy

Once you have established that the region is a viable market, it is time to come up with a marketing strategy. One of the easiest ways of selling is through setting up an e-commerce shop and marketing it over the internet. It helps to have a sales team that’s fully dedicated to the marketing task. Use a marketing strategy with the target market in mind.Remember that going global, just as with any expansion plan requires meticulous planning and financing. You can either choose a local financier or find a foreign investor or partner.