Start a Coaching Business for Other Companies

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Start a Coaching Business for Other Companies

The old cliché, “Those that can do and those that can’t teach”, really needs to be consigned to the same rubbish heap as the nonsense about old dogs and new tricks. The transfer and teaching of skills and knowledge gained from industry experience can be a highly lucrative business.

Many entrepreneurs pursue this type of venture since it involves very few start-up costs. The main business assets will have already been acquired through experience and unless you plan on hosting courses at your own premises you won’t incur any lease or rental costs. It’s worth registering as a limited company and pre-created companies can be bought for less than £20 pounds in the UK. The ongoing accountancy fees will be a running cost but it’s better than facing unlimited liability. Tax relief can be obtained on business expenses and advice should be obtained from the relevant government department.

The most common examples of B2B coaching are sales related but there are many other possibilities such as IT training. In fact B2B coaching is nothing unusual since most training outside of the school and further education industry is provided for businesses rather than individuals.

B2B coaching could be compared to the master craftsman of old passing on skills to the apprentice. We may have lost that method of teaching but we have not lost the market.