A New Innovation – Sunlight Indoors

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A New Innovation – Sunlight Indoors

A new innovation can now bring sunlight indoors in a revolutionary new way. We already know that daily exposure to sunlight is very beneficial to the health of people but getting that regular exposure hasn’t always been easy.

The latest invention from Parans solves the issue of not being able to spend an adequate amount of time outdoors and under direct sunlight. Such problems are common in today’s society, as many people spend their working or educational life indoors.

From businesses to universities, it has been almost impossible to bring the sun’s rays deep within buildings that may consist of many floors. So, how does the Parans invention bring sunlight indoors?

Parans Sunlight Indoors

Unlimited flowing light can be brought deep indoors with the Parans system. Sunlight collectors are positioned to capture the sun’s rays, and these are then transported to light fittings throughout the building.

The sun-emitting luminaires have a range of designs that allow buildings to be lit in new and interesting ways. These light sources can be hidden out of sight, be positioned to take on the role of a spotlight or be used to create accents on walls. They can also be used to create a heavenly effect, where people feel like the sun is just above them, even though they are firmly indoors.

The system that Parans has created is scalable and can bring sunlight into rooms that are thirty floors down, from the sunlight collectors. This means that far away from windows and the outdoors; people enjoy the health and well-being associated with sunlight.

Some of the advantages for all manner of organisations include a workforce productivity increase of 18%, and 26% faster learning, which is beneficial to both businesses and educational entities.